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The Crescent Hills community encompasses the following streets in Penn Hills, PA:

Crescent Hills Road                         Spring Grove Road
Earlwood Road                                   Springdale Drive
Frankstown Road                              Sycamore Road
Garlow Drive                                        Valeview Road
Glenfield Drive                                     Weedon Drive
Hathaway Court                                  Wisteria Drive
McCurdy Drive


The Crescent Hills Civic Association was founded in 1935 for the service of the Crescent Hills Community in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania. 

Crescent Hills was voted as the best overall neighborhood in the east by “In Community” magazine and the Crescent Hills Civic Association was cited as the reason Crescent Hills has that strong sense of community and neighborly warmth. 

We believe by working together toward common goals and by communication and socialization, we make our community strong.  We endeavor to maintain and enhance the quality of life for all the residents of Crescent Hills. We Strive to maintain property values, services and well-being.

We Sponsor community events and activities for all residents throughout the year. We publish and distribute a newsletter several times a year. We represent the residents of Crescent Hills at various school, community and  government meetings and project. We work with residents to maintain code enforcement, informing them of issues before they may be seen by the municipality so they can be corrected before they are fined. We provided and maintain 2 bus shelters along Franktown Rd., we have adopted several Penn Hills roads to clean and we maintain the Crescent Hills Park for all the community to enjoy.

We Promote Fellowship and the Neighborly Spirit.