Membership is open to all residents of the Crescent Hills neighborhood. If you are one of the few renters in the neighborhood you are also welcome to join. Many past residents of the neighborhood still maintain active memberships.

Our members are informed of all the local happenings in the Penn Hills school district and municipality. We are actively engaged in the Penn Hills community.

We distribute several newsletters a year to all the Crescent Hills residents. We have fundraisers and social functions, including several neighborhood picnics, social outings at local area restaurants, group yard sales and many others.  Our litter committee cleans up designated roads in Penn Hills. 

We provide a phone directory to all members and new residents.  In the spring we have a fund drive for the park which goes to pay for maintenance and property taxes.  Annual membership is only $15 a household.

You can pay your membership fees by mailing a check made out to CHCA to P.O. Box 17055 Penn Hills, PA 15235

or pay online by clicking here: